Creating Professional

At G&K Software, we create professional websites. By deciding on our services, we will take action to help your company appear on the Internet. We design attractive website designs with graphics, logos and a functional and easy-to-use administrative panel that allows you to enter and modify selected content yourself.

We take care of every detail of graphic design and technical quality of created websites, and above all that they perfectly fulfill their commercial, information or image tasks. Please contact us and familiarize yourself with some of our projects!

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Attractive Online Store

The current market situation determines many small sellers to start selling their products also via the Internet. To enable you, we have expanded our offer with a functional and easy-to-use online store that will allow you to sell products nationwide.
The administration panel allows you to manage all the necessary elements of the store such as categories, products, customers, orders, shipments, information pages as well as manage appearance elements.
From the customer's side, the store provides many useful functions, including multilingualism, compliance with the GDPR guidelines and an attractive and fully responsive look that allows shopping on any device.

We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the demo version of the store by clicking the link below, if you have additional questions, e.g. want to familiarize yourself with the administrative panel, please contact us!


Our sample projects!

Functionality and Useful Modules in the Set

Our websites offer many modern and practical solutions. Thoughtful and optimized code ensures very fast loading of appearance on every devices, providing visitors with a positive experience and opinion about the owner. In addition, easy page browsing on computer, tablet or mobile content is provided by fully responsive templates as well, also the ability to add a dark theme that makes browsing easier (upper right corner of our page ).

We also provide fully configurable modules such as facebook vidget, Pop Up (notification pop-up windows), informing about cookies, banners, photo carousels or the possibility of adding multilingualism to the pages made.


Administrative panel enabling independent content management

In order to maintain full control over the content displayed on the website made by our company, we provide an easy-to-use administrative panel enabling its immediate editing.

Thanks to this, when your company is developing, after logging in to the administration panel you will be able to easily edit selected content and add your next services!